mineral design

is the branch of Mosaic Factory®, which manufactures custom furniture and decorative elements cast in Terrazzo.

Our craftsmanship. From concept to completion.

  • 1. Mould making

    Custom moulds are created based on design specifications. These are essential for shaping the Terrazzo mixture into the desired form, ensuring precision and consistency in the final product.

  • 2. Casting

    The chosen Terrazzo is prepared and poured into the moulds. This is a crucial stage where the material sets and takes the shape of the furniture piece.

  • 3. Polishing

    Once hardened, your piece undergoes a meticulous polishing process to achieve a smooth, lustrous finish, revealing the beauty of the embedded marble chips.

  • 4. Cutting

    Using computer numerical control (CNC) machines, your piece is precisely cut. CNC technology ensures accuracy and consistency, even for complex designs.

  • 5. Finishing Touches

    Post-CNC, the piece may require additional detailing and finishing touches to enhance the overall aesthetics or functionality.

  • 6. Final product

    Lastly, a thorough quality inspection ensures that your piece meets our high standards. Once approved, the final product is ready for packaging and delivery.

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